‘You lead when you create a future which does not yet exist’- Ken Ideus


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When you think of a leader, do you think of a conqueror? A General? A politician? A CEO? Someone who takes charge during an emergency? Someone who motivates and enables people?

Leadership means different things to different people, and yet this is the most popular category for development according to our recent Learning at Work Week survey. In this short article, our guest writer, Alison Winter, explores what leadership is and the different components that make up a leader.

Leadership at work  Continue reading

Online learning experiences: can we log them with the Experience/TinCan API?


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ShareWith Learning at Work Week just around the corner and with its timely theme ‘connect’, more people are becoming interested in taking part in the debate on social learning and social media. So today I wanted to share with you a blog from our learning technology expert – Andrew Brown – who wrote about his recent exploration of TinCan/Experience API on social media.

What’s the learning tech like at the dawn of the 21st century? Continue reading

Twitter: speed dating for learners and coaches


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LearnI hope you’re as excited about the forthcoming Learning at Work Week as I am. Its ‘connect’ theme presents a perfect opportunity to write about some of my favourite topics and my recent ventures into social learning and social media.

Connect and share: the value of social networks for learning

When I think of the words ‘connect’ and ‘learn’ I can’t help but also think of social media. Maybe it’s because lately I’ve been using a little bit more of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for learning purposes. I’ve also discovered a few new (at least to me) useful networking tools or features I’ll go into another time.

Some of you might be surprised or sceptical to the fact that a person can learn something useful from social media, but Continue reading

L&D, what you’re missing if you don’t connect, if you don’t tweet…


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Connect and debate this Learning at Work Week


Learning at Work Week is fast approaching – the week in May when we as learners and learning professionals are reminded that learning can be fun and rewarding, and when we’re very much encouraged to grasp new knowledge and learn new skills.

This year’s event has an exciting theme – ‘connect’! This is perfect because such topics as social media and social learning, often considered essence of connecting and sharing, are buzzing on and off line, and many of us can relate to it. It’s also a great opportunity to start and engage in interesting debates and perhaps answer a few questions social media and social learning raise among the Learning and Development and HR community. Continue reading

How fully understanding meaning of words keeps you engaged


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How to keep healthy attitude to learning, part 2

Ethusiastic student

Last time I shared with you four (out of five) mind-sets that can help you stay positive and motivated when it comes to learning. These were:

  1. Seeing your ability and willingness to learn as a measure of your potential to survive
  2. Realising learning is a tool that allows you to be in control of your environment
  3. Knowing that you don’t know everything
  4. Be sure that you’re going to use what you learn

I saved the fifth for last because I wanted to elaborate on it in a bit more detail, and writing about it in a separate article seemed like a good idea. It might actually be the key to effective learning. So here it comes… Continue reading

Merry Christmas everyone!


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… and a Happy New Year 


I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas, I love everything (well, almost everything) about it, and especially preparations leading to the festive season. The planning, the shopping, the cooking, the hunt for special gifts for friends and family. And here comes my favourite thing about it – we tend to think a lot about other people during this time of year which, I believe, brings out the best in us and people that surround us.

For example, at Commelius everyone gets extra creative during that period. It brings out a fantastic team spirit in everyone and this reflects in the work of our ‘e-learning squad’. This year they used their creativity and team spirit to make something special for you and share our festive cheer. We hope you’ll like it.

So get ready to have a bit of fun. Your knowledge about the Holiday season is about to get tested, and you’ll find out if you’re naughty or nice on Santa’s list.

CLICK HERE to play our festive game, and don’t forget to use the social media stamps at the end of the  quiz to share it with friends and colleagues.

Happy Holidays from all at Commelius!

Live online learning is the perfect solution for women returning to work


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Mum on computer and a baby

In the fast paced world, where businesses operate 24/7 and their changes are driven by continuously evolving technology, constant transformation and evolution of work environment is prevalent. Even a short break from work can bring changes a person might find difficult to catch up with and adjust to; and especially when it comes to changes in technology they were used to and knew well.

So we’ve decided to dedicate our next article to parents (mums) returning to work after taking a break to raise their family. We hope you’ll find it informative and useful.

The article comes from a guest writer – Gemma Thomas. Continue reading

How to keep healthy attitude to learning


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5 mind-sets that can make all the difference for learners and learning professionals

Ideas, thinking, cogs

It’s not really a choice we make – to learn or not to learn? Continuing learning even after our school and university years are done is actually something we need to do not only for career progression but mainly for better personal survival. I can argue that when we stop learning we really limit our ability to experience and expand our life.

How is that? Well, let me put it this way… Continue reading

Are there abandoned learners in your organisation?


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Learning in spite of a lack of support and encouragement?

Information overload

My recent invitation to Towards Maturity’s benchmarking study 2015 motivated me to revisit their report from last year and see where we (as learning and development community) are at in terms of performance, skills of our Learning and Development teams and how well we influence our learners. (For those who don’t know, Towards Maturity is a not for profit organisation that each year conducts the largest study on learning and development with insights into trends and best practices from top performing organisations). And I’m glad I looked at it again because it inspired me to write this blog about something I haven’t thought of before. Continue reading

5 steps to making sure your training efforts are effective


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Software is intuitive, when you know how to use it…

5 blocks steps

In our previous post What does chopping onions have to do with effective IT training our expert on live online learning, shared his views on the importance of training support for staff during software upgrades at work. This time he put a list of five steps you should consider to make sure your training is effective. These might come in-handy if you’re thinking of moving your current Microsoft Office or OS to a newer version, i.e. to the latest Windows 10 that’s said to come out soon. But first, a short introduction into the subject of IT change from Jon. Read on.

The upgrade – we’ve all been there… Continue reading

How Windows 10 will change the way we use our devices, webinar


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Learning technology experts from Commelius Solutions share first preview of what’s new in Windows 10 in a live webinar 4th of March.Windows 10 banner

The online event will offer all those interested in the latest technology a chance to have a first look at Windows 10, see how it’s different from Windows 7 and Windows 8, and get tips and hints on how to use it. But that’s not all. Continue reading

What does Google’s mission statement have to do with every L&D strategy?


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searchI only recently had a chance to review some of the results from Towards Maturity benchmark study 2014. What grabbed my attention the most was what learners think about the role of technology in learning  and what prevents them from learning online (you can find the fast facts from the study in Modernising Learning: Delivering Results).

According to that study, 70% of employees learn what they need to do their job from web searches, which I must admit, is a bit surprising Continue reading


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