Why the future of social learning is within learning communities


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Harnessing social learning 

Social learning: learning communities on social media

I don’t know about you, but every morning on my way to work I open my Facebook on my smartphone to browse for news, articles, updates from people I’m either friends with or groups that I follow. I no longer go to news sites for updates on what’s happening in the world – I have these on my social networking sites, and they are so much more engaging than the news websites.

The people, groups and pages I follow, I select carefully. They have to have something interesting or useful to offer. They are either suggested to me by my friends, or sometimes I stumble across them by accident when browsing for information I need, or when someone else shares an interesting post they find and publish on their wall. I could argue that this is basically the essence of social behaviour that takes place on the net. And this is how I ultimately become a member of a learning community without really thinking about it. I’m pretty sure this is how it works for other people as well.

What are learning communities? Continue reading

Social learning revolution: new platform to harness informal learning  


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A revolutionary social learning platform from Commelius Solutions, is launching next month.

social learning platform to harness informal learning

The training and learning technology provider has created a social learning platform, altoconnect, which will help organisations bring their dispersed learners together and measure the social side of learning.

“It’s all about connecting people and capturing their knowledge share. When we started developing our altoconnect we focused very much on learning communities because we believe this is where the future of learning lies”, say Vicky Jones, MD at Commelius. Continue reading

Learning technology proves essential for CME accreditation


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e-learning Innovative learning technology helps gain European Continuing Medical Education accreditation for a new wound care education module.

The new e-learning programme, sponsored by Systagenix, the global wound care company, has been awarded a CME credit by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) after meeting all essential and desirable criteria set by the European Union of Medical Specialists.

The programme designed for healthcare professionals is organised by Continue reading

Where learning and the World Cup meet

Game - football

This blog is definitely inspired by World Cup! But it has a lot to do with learning and development. One of the most faithful football enthusiasts in Commelius, our very own CEO Carl Smith, decided to share his thoughts and insights into this World Cup, and seek connection between the big game and learning and development; and there’s a lot that links the two together.

Read on to find out where World Cup and learning meet! Continue reading

World Cup and Learning as a Game?


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Game field - football stadion

The news and the internet are filled with World Cup announcements; you can’t scroll through your FaceBook or browse posts on Twitter without coming across someone’s status update about the team they support this year. Football fans are buzzing about it on social media and even if you’re not a fan, you can’t help it but once every four years get into this football craze and join the World Cup excitement.

It happens to me every World Cup. Though I’m not regularly following football events, every four years I find myself supporting a team that I know very little about. It starts very innocently, I speak to a friend who’s a supporter, or overhear conversations of colleagues at work about their favourite teams, and suddenly I find myself interested in performance of this team or that team. I transform into an enthusiastic football fan for that competition. How does that work? Continue reading

Sales performance – what’s the key to achieving real competitive advantage?


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If you’ve missed the webinar, don’t fret

Sales team  and arrow of success

Recently we’ve published an insightful whitepaper focusing very much on sales training and how innovation in learning technologies can influence it and the overall sales performance in an organisation. It’s an interesting read, with many facts and stats based on the study conducted by some of the top performing sales organisations, and also on our observations and experiences with some of our clients. Some of you might have already heard about it and read it, but for those of you who Continue reading


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